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At Wise Insurance Services we value and honor those who have served our country. We are also very grateful to the families who stood by and supported their loved ones through those years of service.
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Here at Wise Insurance Services, we are dedicated to helping Medicare eligible Veterans to receive the additional benefits that are available to them. Many top-rated insurance carriers that we work with have options to enhance Veterans medical coverage. For more information contact our office. 
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Do I Need Medicare if I Have Veterans Benefits?

For veterans approaching Medicare eligibility, it is common to have questions about whether it is necessary to enroll in Medicare alongside Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. Medicare is not mandatory. However, there is significant value to signing up for this coverage when you become eligible. For many veterans, Medicare offers an extra level of protection against high out-of-pocket medical costs. Medicare coverage can also give you more flexibility when choosing doctors and hospitals that provide your care.
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How VA Health Care and Medicare Work Together

It’s possible to have VA and Medicare benefits at the same time. Having both types of coverage is helpful if you need specialized care, if you have a condition not connected to your military service, or if you want to use non-VA providers. Because the Department of Veterans Affairs assigns each beneficiary to a priority group that determines how much you pay for services, having Medicare is especially helpful if you’re in one of the lower priority groups with higher out-of-pocket costs. If you decide to enroll in Medicare, your VA benefits pay for VA-authorized services, and Medicare pays for Medicare-covered services.

More About Medicare

Health coverage managed by the federal government is called “original Medicare.” Typically, there is a cost for every service. In most cases, you can go to any doctor, other health care provider, hospital, or another facility if it is enrolled in Medicare and is accepting new Medicare patients.

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Resources For Veterans

Whether you need Medicare, health, or even life insurance, we help find coverage for just about all aspects of protecting your life. We understand that choosing an insurance plan can be challenging, and it’s our goal to make that process as it as simple as possible.